1. The Name

  1. The name of the Group will be the 'The New Somerset and Dorset Railway' hereafter called the 'The New S&D'.

2. The Aims

  1. To encourage local authorities and landowners to preserve as much as possible of the remains of the Somerset and Dorset Railway, The North Somerset Railway and Hamworthy to Brockenhurst Line.
  2. To buy back the railway trackbed for railway use
  3. To promote an awareness of the New S&D and what it will do for future transport in the area.
  4. To seek and work with all Groups working to preserve part or parts of the route.
  5. To provide a focal point for people interested in the New S&D Railway

3. Membership

  1. Membership of the Group is open to anyone who supports the aims of the New S&D. An annual membership fee will be charged, to go towards the New S&D's aims and operating costs. It will be reviewed at each AGM.

4. Organisation

  1. The New S&D will be administered by an elected Committee of up to four members comprising at least Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary. A Committee member may hold more than one post. The Committee may co-opt members as necessary.
  2. The Committee will be subject to re-election once a year at the AGM.
  3. Any other changes to the Committee will require a vote at a properly convened General Meeting of members, having given 20 days notice of the meeting. A quorum of at least 10 members or 50% of the membership, which ever is the lesser, must be present.
  4. The Committee will have the option of appointing an Honorary President and of changing the appointment if necessary

5. Finance

  1. The Treasurer will open a bank account in the name of New S&D Railway and all monies received on behalf of the New S&D shall be paid into that account. Two signatures are required for all cheques written on behalf of the New S&D. Signatories shall be any elected members of the committee, none of whom may pre-sign cheques.
  2. The financial year is to run from November to October.

6. Constitution Amendment

  1. Amendments to this Constitution will require a simple majority vote at a properly convened General Meeting of members, having given 14 days notice of the meeting.
  2. A quorum of at least 10 members or 50% of the membership, whichever is the lesser, must be present.

7. Meeting

  1. The Committee will meet at least 4 times per year.

8. Dissolution

  1. In the event that the Committee feel that the New S&D should be dissolved for any reason, a General Meeting will be called (giving 20 days notice). If a resolution for dissolution is passed, any assets remaining in the Group's account (after all liabilities and debts have been met) will be assigned to another similar cause or to Charity by agreement of the members attending. 

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