Your Memories of Bailey Gate Station

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Chris Smith

I used to live in Station Road, Bailey Gate, I used to catch the train from Bailey Gate to Poole and Bournemouth West where the S&D terminated. I have memories of giving farmers a hand to load sugar beet onto coal trucks in the sidings. A local coal merchant also used to have coal dropped off behind the station. I also remember the Pines Express running through the station at 6:00pm with a second train in the summer, following at 6:10pm, the first being full.

Entrance to both platforms from the Bailey Gate end of the village was down a slopping path that ran from the side of the road off the bridge to the right. This took you to a footway across the double tracks to the station, At the far end of the up platform was the signal box, there was also a small covered waiting shelter. You crossed the line on a wooden crossing where the first building was the wooden lamp shed painted yellow. The next building was the station, with a waiting room and ticket office and station masters office. The other access to the station was down the vehicle roadway and around the side of the station, The area around the station was made secure by concrete posts with seven strands of plain wire. Shortly before the line was closed both the up and down sides of the line north of the station had the posts and wire replaced with new posts and wire from the station to close to Spetisbury.

During the war Gobells made claims that the cheese factory had been bombed twice, both were pure propaganda. As I grew up in the village, and both my father and my step father worked at the "factory or UD" as it was known by everyone in village, I heard many tails about the factories production, mostly that it was the largest Cheddar Cheese producing factory in Europe.

There was also a Watercress beds just off the A350 near Bailey House and they used the S&D at Bailey Gate to ship watercress to the north of England. I can remember the boxes waiting on carts to be loaded onto trains.

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