Your Memories of Bath Green Park Station (formerly Queen's Square)

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Sheila Anne

I travelled twice on the return journey to Bath while evacuated to that city in 1940-41. My Aunt Doris gave birth to a daughter, my cousin Hazel, at Coombe Down Hospital on January 30, 1941, and shortly afterwards was despatched to the care of an elderly couple who lived at Wellow. I remember going with my mother to the S and D station in Bath which was a rather pokey affair, compared with the GWR Bath which we used quite often. Two carters were unloading a push-cart and putting their goods into a goods van as we walked up the tiny platform. The locomotive was very old and there were just two carriages. The train moved very slowly and jerkily. It halted at Midford for some on the first trip which would have been in early Feb. There was an air raid going on. Stray German raiders would fire their machine guns from a low height on towns and villages they passed over. To calm us down - I think we were rather excited actually - my mother told us there was a cow on the line!

It was only a few minutes more journey to Wellow. At Wellow there was some excitement because a convoy of military vehicles was passing through. The old couple my aunt lodged with reared pigs on the ground level of their cottage and lived on the floor above. My mother thought this was disgusting.

Our second round trip was a couple of weeks later. I don't remember much about it except that the compartment was very dusty again and the upholstery very worn. There were faded sepia postcard views of the seaside on either side under the string shelving. My aunt (and baby) soon returned to her former lodgings in Bath.

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