Creekmoor Halt

Creekmoor Halt

Photo by Tom Scott (March 1966). © All rights reserved.


Crekmoor Halt was a relatively short lived station. It opened on the 19 June 1933 and was situated halfway between Poole and Broadstone. It wasn't a very exciting or architectural place being built of pre-cast concrete; wooden shelters on each platform and a concrete bridge completed the set up. At the north end with the bridge was the hand operated level crossing . Just south of this halt there was also a siding to Sykes pottery - this came off the down side whilst off the up line were sidings for the Ministry of Supply. Creekmoor closed on the 7 March 1966.

Current Status

The site is currently under a road despite this route being a protected transport corridor and in the past the subject of serious (and much needed) light rail plans.

Future Plans

The road may well be converted back to a railway as the energy crunch hits. However if this section is reopened quickly enough it will need to be re-sited alongside or close to the road. Set in a suburban area of Poole the halt will certainly serve a useful purpose in the future.





Photo by Tom Scott (march 1966). © All Rights Reserved. Photo From the C L Caddy Collection, Courtesy of Jim Type (c1950). © All Rights Reserved.

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Station report by Paul Beard.

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