Glastonbury and Street Station

Glastonbury and Street Station

Photo by Jeffery Grayer (1968). © All rights reserved.


The station was opened as early as 28 August 1854. It consisted of two platforms, one of which was an island platform used by the Wells trains. Both platforms had large and impressive canopies. There was also a large goods yard befitting this important town. The station lost its Wells branch trains on 29 October 1951. The station closed completely on 7 March 1966.

Current Status

The station site is now an industrial area. One of the canopies is preserved in a car park at Glastonbury.

Future Plans

No town the size of Glastonbury should be off the rail network even today, let alone in the future. Restoration of trains to Glastonbury and the city of Wells will be high priority. It may involve building a new direct route towards Masbury, restoring the original branch or utilising the Cheddar Valley Railway for access.





Photo by Jeffery Grayer (1968). © All Rights Reserved. Photo From the Rail Thing/steve Sainsbury Collection (c.1980). © All Rights Reserved.

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