Midford Station

Midford Station

Midford station in the 1960s. Photo by Roy Denison (2 June 1962). © All rights reserved.
Midford station today. Photo by David Bailey (18 December 2011). © All rights reserved.


Midford station was opened on 20 July 1874 on the S&D's Bath Extension. It was built into a shelf in the hillside and consisted of a single platform with a long wooden building. The goods yard was some distance to the north. Midford marked the end of the single line section from Bath Junction, double track commencing on the viaduct. The station was set in a very scenic spot and the area was the location for many photographs of the line. The station was closed to freight on 10 June 1963 and completely on 7 March 1966. There were attempts to restore this part of the route in the 1990s and a short narrow gauge line was also built (without planning permission) but was never opened.

Current Status

The platform remains intact, but the wooden station buildings were removed shortly after closure. The track-bed is now a surfaced cycleway (part of the National Cycle Network - Route 24) and footpath, leading north towards the Two Tunnels Greenway. The New S&D has recently purchased Midford as its northern base.

Future Plans

The intention is to rebuild the station etc in 1950s/1960s style. The building will then serve as an office, shop, refreshment room and information point for the whole route. Eventually track will be laid as part of the main line restoration, but not before as this would intrude on to the current cycleway.





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