Parkstone Station

Parkstone Station

Photo by Owen Dunn (22 May 2007). The copyright holder of this work allows anyone to use it for any purpose including unrestricted redistribution, commercial use, and modification.


Parkstone opened for business on the 15 June 1874 and closed to freight on 20 September 1965 - the goods yard has since become a residential housing area. In days gone by, the platform signs read "Parkstone for Sandbanks" due to its proximity to that now playground of the rich and famous. Until the 1960s, a goods line ran to George Jennings' South Western Pottery and originally continued on to Salterns Pier on the North shore of Poole Harbour.

At one time, not only was the Station Master's house in use but there was also a W.H. Smith bookstall. The down side provided a rather handsome wooden shelter and a gents' toilet whilst both platforms sported a beautiful canopy. Today, the wooden shelter has gone along with the 'down' canopy, replaced by a cold ugly metal 'bus shelter' type structure.

The footbridge has changed a bit over the years too. Originally erected in 1888, it featured full glazing and was covered over; come the 1950s, it became open air and away went the glazing too. Today it remains and when you climb the steps from the up platform, the hand rails are still painted green.

Parkstone is one of the few stations in the area that has a great photographic display in the waiting room showing how the station was in years gone by and the wonderful trains that came through. You can pop in and have a look but only during the week until 10am - well worth it.

Current Status

Parkstone is on the main Waterloo to Weymouth main line.

Future Plans

Parkstone will have a role to play in the future when it is a stop on the way to Bournemouth West once more.





Photo by Owen Dunn (22 May 2007). the Copyright Holder of This Work Allows Anyone to Use it for Any Purpose Including Unrestricted Redistribution, Commercial Use, and Modification. Http:// Photo by Jim Type (c1980). © All Rights Reserved. Photo by Jim Type (c1980). © All Rights Reserved.

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Station report by Paul Beard.

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