Shepton Mallet (Charlton Road) Station

Shepton Mallet (Charlton Road) Station

Photo by Jeffery Grayer (23 November 1967). © All rights reserved.


Originally opened as Shepton Mallet on 20 July 1874 the station was renamed in October 1883 to avoid confusion with the GWR station. This was an important station on the S&D and was always busy. Freight locomotives often took water here after the steep climb from Radstock. Just to the north of the station was (and still is) the incredible 27 arch Charlton Viaduct. The station closed to freight on 10 June 1963 and completely on 7 March 1966.

Current Status

It is scandalous that a town the size of Shepton Mallet is still without trains. Status of the station itself is unknown.

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Future Plans

Shepton Mallet will become an important point on the New S&D and the new station will reflect this importance. There may well be opportunities to link to the East Somerset Railway's Cranmore line in this area, giving the New S&D another link to the network. It is possible that a new route linking Wells and Glastonbury may use the Cheddar Valley route westwards.





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