Shillingstone Station

Shillingstone Station

Photo by Stephen Sainsbury (17 February 2009). © All rights reserved.


The station was opened on 31 August 1863. It was on the long single track stretch from Templecombe to Blandford, but had two platforms served by a passing loop. Always one of the most attractive stations on the line, both for its architecture and setting, it closed to freight on 5 April 1965 and completely on 7 March 1966.

Current Status

The station is now being fully restored by the North Dorset Railway Trust. Track is currently being laid between the platforms (July 2009). The station has a souvenir shop and also sells refreshments, which are much appreciated by users of the adjacent North Dorset Trailway.

Future Plans

The NDRT plans to fully restore the station and lay track for some distance with demonstration trains planned. As part of a fully restored S&D the line may eventually be doubled and regular trains will return, with services south to Blandford and Bournemouth and north to Templecombe, Shepton Mallet and Bath.





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Fundraising and Support

You can contribute to this project by donating to the North Dorset Railway Trust.  The trust is always looking for volunteers to help out with track laying, station building work, and running the shops.  If you can help, please contact them directly via

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