Stourpaine and Durweston Halt

Stourpaine and Durweston Halt

Photo by Stephen Sainsbury (18 February 2009). © All rights reserved.


This halt was opened on 9 July 1928. It had just a single platform and a short life, closing on 17 September 1956. There was a crossing loop a half mile further north towards Shillingstone, which was taken out of use on 18 December 1951.

Current Status

Considering it's been closed for over fifty years the halt is still in pretty good shape, probably helped by the fact it is secure behind high gates. It appears to be used as a storage area. The concrete name-board is preserved in the children's play area adjacent to Durweston First School.

Future Plans

This will be an easy halt to restore. Indeed some voices at Shillingstone are trying to get the Shillingstone project to aim for the halt as a first destination. It is in a very attractive setting with no real road access. The villages it served have grown somewhat since closure and it may well be worthwhile reopening on purely economic grounds, despite its early closure.





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