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Return to Evercreech Junction

A documentary film of the Somerset and Dorset Railway before the extensive cuts made by Dr Beeching in 1966, filmed by railway enthusiast Ivo Peters.

Shillingstone to Spetisbury

The famous Bounemouth Pines Express archive film of Shllingstone, Stoupaine and Durweston Halt to Blandford Forum steam railway in the 1960's. Continues onwards from Blandford Forum through to Charlton Marshall, Spetisbury and finally the Bailey Gate cheese factory. This film shows the S&D railway from operations in the 1960's to 20 years later in the early 1980's.

End of the Line

TVP DVD recently produced this excellent documentary series, presented here in low quality video.

Rail Simulator's S&D Trip

Ever wondered what a trip on the Somerset and Dorset Railway would be like today? The Rail Simulator software shows you. Unfortunately, some of the stations (such as Midford) need some corrections, but you'll get a good idea of the trip from this three part video.

The Titfield Thunderbolt

The Titfield Thunderbolt is a 1953 British comedy film about a group of villagers trying to prevent British Railways from closing the fictional Titfield branch line. The film was written by T.E.B. Clarke and was inspired by the restoration of the narrow gauge Talyllyn Railway in Wales, the world's first heritage railway run by volunteers. It starred Stanley Holloway, George Relph and John Gregson, and was directed by Charles Crichton. Michael Truman was the producer. The film was produced by Ealing Studios. It was the first Ealing comedy shot in Technicolor and one of the first colour comedies made in the UK. The opening scene from the movie was filmed at Midford.

Gartell Light Railway

The Gartell Light Railway is a narrow gauge heritage railway located at Yenston, south of Templecombe, in Somerset, England. It operates a 2 ft (610 mm) gauge railway running for 0.75 mile (1.2 km), partly along the track of the old Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway.

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